Tax season is upon us once again, raising a question we are asked more than anything else: Why Should I Hire a Tax Preparer?  In the modern age with several apps, websites and software programs available at the click of a button, more people than ever are choosing to do their own taxes from home, not involving a tax professional at all.  In this article, we will explore why you should consider hiring a tax professional and what to consider when deciding on doing your own taxes.  

Why Hire a Tax Professional?

With so many at-home option, you may think you can prepare your taxes simply from home and cut out the middleman.  However, there are several reasons hiring a tax pro may be the best option for you.  

  • How to Save You Time on Your Taxes:  The first and most obvious reason to hire a tax pro is to save you time. We all live profoundly busy lives, rushing between work, family, and anything else eating up the hours of your day.  Even the most simple tax processing can take hours of your fleeting spare time.  Handing off your taxes to a professional is an easy way to cut out those wasted hours while resting assured that you tax processing is being hired by a trained professional, ready to make the most of your taxes.

  • How to Simplify Your Taxes:  Tax season adds stress for a reason: taxes are complicated! They can be confusing and long, with seemingly-countless pages of documents filled with long numbers, and phrases that seem like a mystery.  A tax pro can decipher the code of your tax confusion and help you use that understanding productively - even in future tax seasons.

  • How to Save Money on Your Taxes: One of the biggest misconceptions about tax preparers is that you will be spending a lot of money hiring them.  The reality is that, for many people, hiring a tax pro can actually save you money by assuring you get the most deductions, benefits and write-offs available.  Tax pros don’t just understand the forms, they understand the law - and can help you make the most of it.  Many people are unaware of the tax deductions they quality for, and a professional tax preparer can help you earn that extra money in your tax return.

  • How to get Your Tax Return Quickly: Nobody wants to wait for their tax return.  Weather you are waiting to use the money to pay bills or are hoping to add to your savings, getting your tax return as soon as possible is critical.  With a tax pro, you can be assured that you tax return is processed in the most efficient way possible.  Making sure your forms are completed perfectly and that the return is sent in the correct format are just some ways that a tax preparer can help you get your money in your hands as soon as possible.

  • Personalized Tax Planning:  Tax pros can help you with all forms of taxes, including your personal taxes, family taxes, and your professional taxes.  A tax pro can help you make the most of the 2019 tax season for yourself and your family, making sure you are benefiting from all possible deductions.  A tax pro can also help with your business, big or small, to assure you are making the most of potential deductions and savings.  Let a tax pro bring all your tax questions together.

For more on our personal tax assistance, see our page Individual Tax Planning

  • Year-Round Tax Planning: Tax professionals are not available only during tax season and tax laws change throughout the year.  Having access to information and assistance outside of the tax season can be vital in ensuring that you save the most money in the tax season and are as prepared as possible, even when tax laws change.  Don’t know if you can write something off your taxes? Call your tax pro! Looking for advice on assuring your payroll is taxed correctly? Call your tax pro! This level of consistent, personalized service is something you will never get from an app or a big box tax shop, but something a tax pro can offer you any day of the year.

We have reviewed several of the benefits available from hiring a professional tax preparer, including how a tax professional can save you money and how a tax preparer can simplify your tax experience. If you are looking for tax assistance, for your personal taxes, business taxes, or anything in between, Kmetz Financial is ready to help.  Make your 2019 tax season easy with Kmetz Financial.  

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