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Kmetz Financial group offers Business Services in Illinois and throughout the world for businesses, corporations and entities big and small. We help create, maintain and expand your business from the beginning of your business, to it's structure through financing and expansion. We're there for your business every step of the way.
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Build Your Business

Kmetz Financial Group supports your business, whether you are a large business or just starting out. Our range of business services are here to meet any needs your business you will, including accounting, consulting, cash flow management, and more. We are trained and reliable, ready to work personally with your business and cater our services to your needs. Call us today or explore this website for more on our varied, professional services.

Business Expansion

Kmetz Financial group offers Business Services in Illinois and the world to help your business or corporation build, secure funding, and expand into new territories.

  • Compilation, Reviews
    & Audits
    Our professionals will compile, review and audit your internal finances to help you determine where your capital is going.
  • Bookkeeping &
    Write-Up Services
    Professional bookkeeping &write-up services to keep your business running smoothly and accounted for.
  • Sales Tax Preparation
    & Compliance
    Ensure your tax obligations are met and you don't pay more than you have to.
  • Ledger Set Up
    & Preparation
    We prepare your company and your employees for success. We will prepare, set up, and train your employees how to track and enter data that you may have thought wasn't possible. Contact us today to find out more

Business Consulting

Our professional business consultants at Kmetz Financial Group will help your business identify weaknesses while also understanding your strengths to help develop an overarching strategy to keep your business competitive, and running smoothly


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